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Welcome to the Four Sisters Farmhouse. We hope you enjoy your stay and that you find the property to be beautiful, peaceful and relaxing. Please take a moment to read over the instructions, terms and conditions below:

DEPARTURE TIME is 11:00 AM and ARRIVAL TIME is 3:00 PM. Early check-in and late check-out times are possible by prior arrangement, but can only be confirmed 30 days before the arrival date, since they are dependent on the schedules of other guests.

DIRECTIONS From San Francisco, take 101 North to the River Road Exit, turn left. Travel 7.2 miles to Wohler Road, turn right. Travel 0.7 miles to Eastside Road, turn right. Travel 0.3 miles to 5401 Eastside Road, turn left (mailbox on right).

PARKING is available in the front of the farmhouse on the gravel driveway, on the gravel area in front of the garage and on the concrete driveway. Parking along Eastside Road is illegal and very dangerous.

MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY The maximum number of guests in the Farmhouse is limited to twelve (12) persons including children and infants. We will not rent to vacationing students or singles under 25 years of age unless accompanied by an adult guardian or parent.

PARTIES / LARGE GATHERINGS; NEIGHBORS Because of the private and quiet nature of the Farmhouse's location, we cannot allow gatherings at the farmhouse that include more than the guests indicated on the rental agreement written permission, or the conduct of any activities that might interfere with the peace and enjoyment of the property's neighbors. Please preserve the peaceful atmosphere of the neighborhood, and refrain from creating noise after 11 p.m.

PLEASE DO NOT TRESPASS!!! The southern boundary of the Farmhouse property line is demarcated by a red property line post just passed the grass yard. The vineyards (excluding the 1/3 acre of grapes in the front yard) located across Eastside Road are not our property. Please do not trespass into, or pick any of the grapes that are growing in these areas.

FRUIT TREES AND VEGETABLE GARDEN Please feel free to enjoy any ripe fruit or veggies that are growing in the mini orchard and the vegetable garden. The mini orchard consists of the following trees: Fuji Apple, Pear, Santa Rosa Plum, Meyer Lemon, Naval Orange, Fig, Nectarine, Almond and Walnut.

NO ANIMALS/PETS ARE ALLOWED No pets whatsoever are allowed on the premises. The owner is highly allergic to both cats and dogs and cannot allow hair from either animal to contaminate the house.

NO SMOKING is allowed inside or on any outside improvements of the Farmhouse including the porch, concrete patio, garage, or pump house. If evidence of smoking in any of these areas is discovered during your stay or during the cleaning process, your deposit will be forfeited.

FOOD AND DRINK Please attempt to keep all food and drink in the kitchen including kitchen dining area and the dining room, or outside. Please do not take food in loft, family room, living room or upstairs.

DAILY MAID SERVICE Daily maid service is not included in the rental rate, but linens and towels are provided along with washer/dryer. However, for weekly renters, a mid-week cleaning service can be arranged for an additional $200.00 fee.

MAINTENANCE For maintenance problems, please call Ramone Padilla, the caretaker at 707-292-7630 or the rental manager, Heather Stephenson at 917-586-2345 or e-mail at foursistersfarmhouse@gmail.com. We cannot always guarantee a problem will be fixed during your stay, especially over the holidays, however we will make every reasonable effort to do so. There will be no rent reduction in the event that a problem cannot be repaired.


TELEPHONE No long distance calls can be made from the Farmhouse, but you may charge your long distance calls to a credit card or use a pre-paid phone card. The phone number is 707- 877- 2537.

LINENS AND TOWELS Pool and hot tub towels (multi-color), extra bath towels (white, green and blue), and extra bed linens can be found in the two upstairs hall closets and in the bedroom closets. Bath towels for the Master bathroom are located under the sink. Table linens for the dining room table are stored in the lower kitchen cabinet closest to the dining room. Please use placemats on the dining room table when setting the table as to protect the finish.

ALARM The alarm box is connected to Sheriff's Department. Main circuit box is in pantry, plugged into outlet in dining room – DO NOT UNPLUG. Main control panel is in family room and an additional control panel is in Master Bedroom. Set “Stay” to activate alarm if you are home and set “Away” to activate when you leave. Pressing * and # at the same time for 3 seconds on the control panel acts as a panic button and alerts the Sheriff immediately. The alarm is monitored by Allstar Alarm – Phone 707-528-4004. Instructions for alarm are located in the notebook binder in the kitchen.

FIRE ESCAPE LADDERS There are two (2) fire escape ladders in the house. One is located in the upstairs hall closet and should be used to exit out of the window in the back bedroom. The second is located in the clothes closet in the loft and can be used to exit out of the window in that room. Please do not move these ladders unless there is a fire emergency in the home.

COMPUTER, TVs and DVDs The computer and printer are for the use of the guests. No fax is available. The satellite internet service is provided by Hughes.net. Please contact GSC Services at 707-747-9365 if you have any technical problems with the internet, computer or TVs. TVs are located in the family room and the master bedroom. TV service is provided via satellite from DirecTV. Each TV has two remote controls – one controls the on/off and volume, the other controls the channel selection. Additional instructions for use of the TV are located in the notebook binder in the kitchen.

APPLIANCES Instructions for the operation of the major appliances can be found in the notebook binder located in the kitchen.

HIGH CHAIR AND PACK AND PLAY A high chair and pack and play are located in the closet in the loft for your use.

WOOD STOVE AND FIREPLACES The wood stove located in the sitting room is lit with all intake and outflow controls set to open position, then slowly backed down. The fireplaces in the living room and Master bedroom work, but open flu before starting a fire. Fatwood (fire starter) and matches are in the holders next to the fireplace in the living room. Firewood and additional fatwood are located in the garage.

UTILITIES Propane tank is leased from Northern Energy. The tank is filled periodically, but in the event that the tank should run empty, please contact Northern Energy at 800-683-0941. The gas shutoff is at the base of the stairs on the way to the parking area, toward the vineyard. The propane line runs from the tank to the valve area under the wooden joint in the concrete driveway.

The water shutoff is at the base of the stairs on the way to the parking area, toward the house.

The shower in the master bathroom has a single water control handle. The water is reversed, i.e., turning the handle to “hot” makes the water colder and turning the handle to “cold” makes the water hotter. Please take precaution when using this shower.

The main electrical panel is on the outside of the family room near the garbage cans. Interior electrical panels are located in the kitchen next to the laundry room and in the family room. The electrical panel for the garage, shop, gate and well is located on the rear side of the garage near the driveway. Electricity is provided by PG&E who can be reached at 800-743-5000.

HOT WATER HEATER The hot water heater is located in the closet in the family room.

THERMOSTAT The thermostat for the furnace is located in the kitchen. Each upstairs bedroom has its own heat control. In addition, there are electric fans for every bedroom located in each closet. Please note: On very warm summer days, the house will stay reasonably cool if all windows and screens remain closed with the shades drawn during the day; at night, open all windows and doors with screens and the house will cool down. Contact Sunwrights in Healdsburg at 707-433-3693 if you have any problems with the heating system.

WINE CELLAR The wine cellar in the family room is for the homeowners use only. The door has a dead bolt lock and cannot be accessed by the guest. A separate compressor is located on the side of the house under a metal housing and cools the wine cellar to approximately 55 degree constant temperature.

ATTIC SPACE If you require additional storage during your stay, you can access the attic through the door in the back of the closet in the loft. There is an attic fan set automatically to blow out hot air from the attic space.


POOL AND POOL COVER The switch for the pool cover is located next to the French doors on the porch. Please close the cover when you are not using the pool. The pool is serviced monthly. The pool is solar heated and is set at 78 degrees. Please do not make any adjustments to the pool controls or filter system. If you have any problems with the pool, please contact Rogers Pool Service at 707-823-8345.

HOT TUB Please use the hot tub with caution and safety, at your own risk. The hot tub temperature is set at 102 degrees, and cannot be altered. If you are staying for longer than two days and are using the hot tub regularly, please add one (1) cup of powdered chlorine, located in the laundry room in a plastic container above the refrigerator, to the hot tub every third day. The owner's manual is located in the notebook binder in the kitchen. Pool robes are located in each bedroom closet.

WEBER GRILL A Weber charcoal grill (yes, charcoal, not gas – we just think it makes the food taste so much better that it is worth the lack of convenience) is located on the deck just outside the kitchen. Charcoal is located in the bin under the grill and there is additional charcoal stored in the well house. Please refill the bin and replace any used charcoal with Matchlight charcoal prior to your departure.

GARBAGE The garbage cans are located outside on the left side of the house. The blue can is for recyclables, the gray can is for all other waste. The garbage and recycling containers are picked up on Thursday morning by Waste Management – we encourage you to put the containers down on the street on Wednesday night if you are at the Farmhouse for an extended stay (or if the containers are already full).

ELECTRIC GATE Using a phone connected in the house, *79 will open or close the gate. In the house, when someone is at the gate and pushes the button for access, the phone will give 2 short rings. To allow entry, press 9 after answering the phone. There is a telephone relay box on the fence post in the vineyard. If there is a great deal of static on the line, open the box with a screwdriver and push the switch inside the box to the other side. This will eliminate the static, but will not allow the gate to be opened by the phone system, so it will be necessary to call SBC to come fix it.

If the power goes out, the gate can be pushed open or closed.

At the right side of the gate is a fire department box which is locked with a pad lock. The fire department will break into the box in the case of an emergency.

In the event of a flood which threatens to come up to the gate, the keypad can be unscrewed and removed to protect the components. The control box inside the gate can be unbolted and removed.

GENERATOR In the case of a loss of electrical power, a generator is located on the left side of the house and two flashlights are located in the laundry room. The generator uses regular unleaded gas and full gas tanks are located in the garage.

To engage the generator in the case of a power outage:

  • Pull out choke – handle at right front
  • Turn the switch at back right to "ON" position
  • Turn the switch at back left to "UP" position
  • Pull starter handle
  • When motor engages, push choke handle

After generator runs for a few minutes, move switch on large box on outside wall below electrical panel next to the generator to the “GENERATOR” position.

DRAINAGE There are two domed caps into the drainage system at either end of the patio. Please keep these caps free of leaves and debris for proper drainage.

IRRIGATION The irrigation is programmed to water the garden daily during the summer months starting at 6:00AM. Faucet next to the greenhouse has 3 lines: (1) Left – into greenhouse, sprinkler in each corner, (2) Center – standard house, (3) Right - One overhead frost protection sprinkler in the vineyard. The control box for the landscaping irrigation system is located on the support for the deck outside of the family room between the white Iceburg Roses. There are three programs: (A) regulates the lawn sprinklers and are currently set for every 3rd day, (B) regulates the flower beds, and (C) regulates the vineyard. The faucet at the rear of the driveway near the well house has a timer on the hose bib for watering the landscape along the upper driveway. A hose is used to irrigate the landscape for the lower driveway.

SEPTIC SYSTEM The Farmhouse operates on a septic system. Please do not flush anything other than toilet paper including sanitary products. Please take precaution to run the disposal in the kitchen when you place food debris and waste down the sink. The cost to Roto Rooter the drainage pipe(s) and flush the septic system in the event of a blockage can run as high as $1,500.00 depending on the level of backup that has to be removed. You will be responsible for these charges if a blockage occurs.

GARDENING The gardeners will come periodically to mow the lawns and care for the grounds.

FARMING PRACTICES The Farmhouse is located in a rural agricultural setting; as such, occupants should be aware of seasonal farming practices which may occur in the vineyards on and surrounding the property and in the small vineyard on the property. These may include the following: harvesting, pruning, and tractor-tilling of the vineyards, and early- morning application of fertilizer and other nutrients (every 10 days or so in the summer months).


EXISTING CONDITIONS Please be sure to call immediate attention to any appliance or other item that needs repair or has been broken prior to your occupying the premises, or you may be subject to charges upon vacating.


  1. ADVANCE DEPOSIT A refundable $500.00 security deposit is due to secure your reservation. The security deposit is not applied toward rent; however, it is fully refundable within thirty (30) days of departure, provided that the following provisions are met:

    a. No damage is done to unit or its contents beyond normal wear and tear.
    b. All Check-Out Procedures which are outlined in Exhibit A are followed.
    c. No linens or household items are lost or damaged.
    d. No early check-in.
    e. No evidence of pets on the property during your stay.
    f. No evidence of food or drink other than in the designated areas.
    g. No evidence of smoking other than the designated outside areas during your stay.
    h. The renter is evicted by the owner (or representatives of the owner) or the local law enforcement.
  2. RENTAL FEE INCLUDING 9% TAX AND CLEANING FEE The Rental Fee plus a 9% CA Occupancy Tax on the entire rent amount plus a $200.00 cleaning fee is due 30 days prior to your confirmed check-in date.

All payments can be made via Money Order. Currently we are not accepting credit cards.

CANCELLATIONS If a confirmed guest cancels more than 30 days before check-in, the $500 security deposit will be returned in full. If a confirmed guest cancels less than 30 days before check-in, the guest will forfeit the security deposit. After the first day of the rental, there will be no refunds for any reason. No credit will be given for shortened stays due to late arrival or early departure for any reason. No cancellations due to weather.

FALSIFIED RESERVATIONS Any reservation obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture of advance deposit, security deposit and / or rental money , and the party will not be permitted to check-in.

WRITTEN EXCEPTIONS Any exceptions to the above mentioned policies must be approved in writing in advance.

By signing below, I agree to all the terms, policies and procedures outlined above and in Exhibit A.

Signature_____________________________________________   Date _________



The Four Sisters Farmhouse


The Four Sisters Farmhouse
Check-out procedures

Unless other arrangements have been made, check out time is 11:00 a.m.

Please note, if the check-out procedures are not followed, a $100 fee will be deducted from your deposit.

  1. In the kitchen:
    • Please rinse and put all dishes in the dishwasher, add the appropriate amount of soap, and start the cycle
    • Wipe countertops clean of crumbs and/or spills.
    • Please empty refrigerators and pantry of any unused food items and either take them with you or put them in the garbage.
    • Take any garbage out to the gray plastic garbage can located to the left of the house. Recyclable waste should be disposed of in the blue plastic garbage can.
  2. Please place any used towels and bathrobes in the laundry room.
  3. Please bring any hot tub and pool towels in from outdoors, and place them in the laundry room.
  4. Turn off all lights.
  5. Please make sure all doors (except front door) and windows are closed and locked when you leave.
  6. Leave all key sets on the kitchen counter.
  7. Make sure electric driveway gate is closed.

Click here to download our Rental Agreement.

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I rent a vacation house from the internet every year for a group of three families with kids ranging from toddler to teen-ager. This is the first time the house was actually better than the web photos! Everything was as advertised if not better, with great little details that made the stay perfect (kitchen equipment, spices, great outdoor furniture, ect.) The location is superb. The views beautiful. The amenities top notch. Our only wish was that the house belonged to us.

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